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Morning Light

By Eric G. Brown

My favorite time of the day to take photos is sunrise. I wanted to get a different take on this iconic view of Washington, D.C. The light, fog and the tulips in the foreground added elements to make this photo unique.


Eric G. Brown’s journey with photography started in the early 1980s in a high school art class, where he learned how to use a manual 35 mm film camera and to develop black and white film. He credits his high school art teacher with starting him on his path.

Currently, Brown’s areas of photographic interest are landscapes, portraits, fine art and historical documentation. Other than his high school experience, he is a self-taught photographer. He enjoys looking at subjects in ways that most people would pass by or ignore and has trained his eye to always be aware of his surroundings. Still, he says, “Sometimes you are just plain lucky to capture a good photo!”

Brown is based in Arlington, Va., and considers himself fortunate to live in an area that offers many places to be creative — from urban landscapes to countless national parks and monuments, mountains and rivers.

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