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Dawson Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park

Dawson Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park

American Forests is pleased to announce our new Evergreen Society for those who wish to leave a legacy of healthy forests, clean air and water and a healthier planet by including American Forests in their estate plans. Such planned giving is a meaningful way to ensure that your love for the natural world will have a lasting impact by supporting the mission of protecting and restoring forests. Evergreen Society members receive benefits such as recognition in our annual report and invitations to exclusive events.

You can learn more about the Evergreen Society at

With profound appreciation, but heavy hearts, we thank Brian A. Kopf for his years of devotion to healthy landscapes and charitable giving, which included donations to nonprofits from his estate. Last May, at age 56, Brian passed away while experiencing life to its fullest, doing what he loves best: enjoying the great outdoors in Canyonlands National Park. Ever the avid hiker and wilderness supporter, Brian had also become a voracious fly-fisherman over the years and had recently been named as Volunteer of the Year by charitable organization St. Vincent de Paul for his outstanding, selfless efforts in helping those less fortunate. Brian’s recent generous gift to American Forests serves as a touching example of the positive impact planned giving can have on our environment.

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