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Acacia KoaSPECIES NAME: Acacia koa

LOCATION: Kona Hema Preserve, Hawaii
CIRCUMFERENCE: 343.3 inches

HEIGHT: 115 feet

CROWN SPREAD: 96.3 feet



NOMINATED BY: The Nature Conservancy

This champion tree was measured by Sheri Mann and Irene Sprecher of Hawaii’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife. The Acacia koa is the largest tree species native to Hawaii, so in terms of native species, this champion is truly king of the islands. It is one of 16 new Hawaii species added to the register this spring.

On Arbor Day — April 27 — the Spring 2012 Edition of the National Register of Big Trees became available. See which trees retained their crowns and which were dethroned, and find out if there are any champions near you by visiting us at

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