Home for the Holidays Initiative a Major Success

  • Winter Scene
With our Home for the Holidays initiative wrapped up, we are proud to say that it was a phenomenal success! Individual donations from people, like you, greatly exceeded our goals.Read More

Last Chance to Give to Home for the Holidays!

  • Home for the Holidays

December 29th, 2016|Tags: , |0 Comments

With only a few days remaining before the end of the year and our Home for the Holidays initiative, discover how Home for the Holidays has been working working raise awareness for the protection and restoration of the habitats of five wildlife species and learn how you can still help before it's too late!Read More

Home for the Holidays: The Pacific Salmon and Rivers across the Northwest

  • Salmon

December 27th, 2016|Tags: , |0 Comments

As rivers were dammed and their banks deforested, the natural habitat of Pacific salmon has shrunk. They are now considered extinct in 40 percent of their original nesting grounds. Now, they aren’t supplying critical nutrients to the remaining vegetation bordering the rivers. Our Home for the Holidays initiative pushes to protect this critical wildlife.Read More

Top 10 Documentaries on Apex Predators

  • Camera

December 22nd, 2016|Tags: |0 Comments

Cozy up on the couch this holiday break with some popcorn and a good ole' documentary. Check out this list of top documentaries about apex predators, the lives they live and the challenges and threats they face, and in turn, the impact that has on the ecosystems in which they live.Read More

Home for the Holidays: The Grizzy Bear and Its Whitebark Pine Home

  • Grizzly Bear
Is there a more iconic animal of the West Coast than the grizzly bear? Once the dominant predator of the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains, now only 1,500 grizzlies remain in the lower 48 states. Their natural habitat is under attack from pine beetles and blister rust. Our Home for the Holidays initiative is helping restore their habitat.Read More
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