Lassen National Forest. Credit: M. Burton/USFS

Project Name:
Venture Fire Interplant

Lassen National Forest, Calif.

Key Activities:

  • Planting 25,000 trees across 98 acres
  • Reforesting an ecosystem damaged by wildfire and drought

Project Description:
American Forests and the U.S. Forest Service are reforesting 98 acres of California’s Lassen National Forest with 25,000 ponderosa pine to restore an area affected by intense wildfire and drought.

Why This Project:
In 2008, the Venture Fire, part of the SHU-Lightning Complex, raged across 2,000 acres, including more than 700 acres of California’s Lassen National Forest. Regrowth has been slow due to drought conditions that have been affecting this area of California — and much of the country — for the last year. This reforestation project is accelerating the return of trees and biodiversity to the area, aiding in long-term watershed recovery and assisting with soil stabilization and retention.

Why Lassen:
Abutting Lassen Volcanic National Park, Lassen National Forest sits at a confluence of geologic wonder: the granite of the Sierra Nevada to the south, the lava of the Cascades to the northwest and the Modoc Plateau to the east; and the Central Valley to the west. Its 1.2 million acres are home to sensitive wildlife species like the great gray and California spotted owls, California wolverine, Sierra Nevada red fox, Cascade frog, northwestern pond turtle and more.

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