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Name of Project: Replanting Pasadena

Location: Pasadena, CA

Number of Trees Planted: 40

In December of 2011, Pasadena, California was hit with a fierce windstorm.  The city, and its urban forests, experienced winds in excess of 100 miles an hour.  More than 1500 street trees, 100 park trees, and uncounted number of private trees were lost with many more severely damaged. Pasadena Beautiful Foundation, in collaboration with the Pasadena Community Foundation, is working to restore the lost canopy of Pasadena.  In May of 2012, American Forests teamed up with these organizations and one of our biggest sponsors, Chegg, to volunteer in the replanting effort.  On our one day “out in the field,” our team planted 40 coastal live oaks, an evergreen oak native to the California. This project is only one of many that Pasadena Beautiful will undertake in the upcoming years to restore the urban forests of Pasadena.

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