Year of Project: 2012
Trees Planted:0

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Name of Project: Poomacha Fire Restoration

Number of Trees to be Planted: 0

Location: California

Year: 2012


Name of Project: Poomacha Fire Restoration

Location: Cleveland National Forest, CA

Number of Trees Planted: 10,800

The more than 100-year-old Cleveland National Forest provides habitat for wildlife, as well as recreation for more than three million residents in the San Diego area. Palomar Mountain, part of Cleveland National Forest, was wiped clean of many of its conifer trees when the Poomacha Fire burned down almost 1,500 acres of these trees’ habitat. This project will replant 10,800 conifer trees across 78 acres to restore wildlife habitat and create recreational opportunities on Palomar Mountain and other areas of Cleveland National Forest. The restoration of one species being planted, the Douglas-fir, is extremely important for the habitat of the California spotted owl. This project will also plant five acres of California black oak at Cleveland’s Laguna Mountain in response to extensive oak mortality from the goldspotted oak borer infestation, which has killed around 80,000 oaks around the San Diego area. 

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