Year of Project: 2012
Trees Planted:0

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Name of Project: Moss Island (George Tract 2)

Number of Trees to be Planted: 0

Location: Tennessee

Year: 2012


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Project Name: Moss Island (George Tract 2)

Location: Tennessee

Number of Trees: 19,184

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency works to preserve, manage and protect the fish and wildlife of Tennessee. In April 2012, American Forests joined the agency in the restoration of a native bottomland hardwood wetlands ecosystem. The area had been cleared years ago for agricultural production. This project planted 19,184 trees, which include a variety of oak and other supplemental species, across 44 acres. In the long-term, the planting will restore healthy tree coverage, diversify wildlife, create clean water and increase recreational opportunities. By establishing these goals, these once-degraded wetlands will flourish into a high-functioning forest ecosystem. 

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