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About the Massena School Planting ReLeaf Project:

American Forests, Massena Electric Department and 45 local high school students planted seven trees along a barren section in the front of Massena Central High School’s campus.

ReLeaf Location:

Massena, N.Y.

Key ReLeaf Activities:

  • Planting seven trees at Massena Central High School.
  • Educating students about the importance of trees and their ongoing care.

Why this ReLeaf Project?

Because of recent expansion and subsequent construction, school grounds at Massena Central High School experienced a notable lack of tree coverage. The planting of seven new shade trees on school grounds will produce several ecological and social benefits, including providing a wind break, enhancing water purification, diminishing erosion, reducing energy costs and boosting the aesthetic integrity of the school’s campus. In addition, planting trees provides an invaluable on-the-ground environmental lesson for the 45 students who participated.

Why Plant Trees for Education?

Projects like this provide schools an unparalleled experience in environmental education. In this particular project, students not only helped plant trees, but they will regularly monitor the beneficial effects that these trees give their school and the surrounding community. Students were instructed on several methods of follow-up monitoring and evaluation, including measuring water quality, soil characteristics and tree growth. Educational tree-planting projects can be crucial in bringing together a diverse group of students for a common cause while simultaneously fostering the next generation of environmental stewards.

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