Our National Agenda

Our national policy agenda focuses on creating and maintaining resilient forests for all the benefits they provide. Based on our critical issues of water, climate, wildlife, sustainable recreation and urban greening, our policy agenda includes:
Forest landscape

  • Increasing the scale and pace of forest restoration on our national forests.
  • Advancing urban greening by:
    • helping urban forests remain healthy by addressing the threats to urban forests like pests and diseases.
    • ensuring urban forest management programs are well funded, effective and efficient.
    • understanding and promoting the benefits of urban forests.
    • engaging and addressing the needs of underserved communities.
  • Ensuring U.S. Forest Service and other federal agencies’ programs are efficient and effective by:
    • fixing the federal funding process for wildfire suppression.
    • acknowledging the budget constraints and restructuring programs, where needed, to have greatest impact.
  • Securing full funding and permanent reauthorization for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
  • Advocating for robust funding for federal programs that support both urban and wildland forests.

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Our Programmatic Policy Work

Embedded within each of our programs and projects is a policy strategy to further our efforts in protecting and restoring urban and wildland forests. We work with our local partners to ensure they have the tools and resources needed to achieve these goals, from engaging their communities to advocating for local, regional and state actions to help these forests.

Making Your Voice Heard

It is important to let your elected officials know you care about forests. Our Action Center gives you the opportunity to send letters on important forest-related legislation and regulations. To stay updated on our most current letters and petitions, sign up for our Action Alerts!


American Forests cannot do this work alone. Together with diverse partners, we advocate for sound policy through coalitions. It is when a message is magnified by many voices that policy makers take notice and change occurs.

Sustainable Urban Forest Coalition (SUFC)

  • Purpose: The SUFC is an assembly of national organizations working to advance a unified urban forest agenda for our nation’s communities.
  • Role: Founding member and member of steering committee
    • American Forests has led the Policy Working Group since 2010

Partner Caucus on Fire Suppression Funding Solutions

  • Purpose: The Partner Caucus advocates for a common-sense approach for federal funding of wildfire suppression that addresses the rising costs of fire suppression and minimizes the impacts on other U.S. Forest Service programs.
  • Role: Founding member and member of steering committee

Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Coalition (CFLR)

  • Purpose: CFLR Coalition ensures the success and effectiveness of the U.S. Forest Service CFLR program. The CFLR Program encourages the collaborative, science-based ecosystem restoration of priority forest landscapes. It was created in 2009 to promote job stability, reliable wood supply, forest health and reduce emergency wildfire costs and risks.
  • Role: Founding member and member of steering committee

Forests Climate Working Group (FCWG)

  • Purpose: FCWG is a broad and diverse coalition of forest stakeholders formed to develop consensus recommendations for U.S. forest components of federal climate legislation, regulations and policy initiatives.
  • Role: Lead on urban forest recommendations

Land and Water Conservation Fund Coalition (LWCF)

  • Purpose: LWCF is the federal program to conserve irreplaceable lands and improve outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the nation. A broad-based coalition of conservation, recreation, environment, business, historic and cultural organizations, as well as many others, are working together to secure full and dedicated funding for the LWCF.
  • Role: Member