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Alcoa Foundation and American Forests to plant more than 465,000 trees to restore forests in 2016

  • Alcoa Volunteers
Quickly approaching a goal of 10 million trees planted by 2020, Alcoa is partnering with American Forests to plant nearly half a million trees in 2016, covering 29 areas around the world. Find out what locations will have ReLeaf this year!Read More

Osborn Neighborhood to Transform Vacant Lots into an Outdoor Education Center

Four empty lots in Detroit are being transformed into a vibrant outdoor education center to help reconnect students to the natural world. In addition to providing an urban forest and natural green space for recreational opportunities, twenty environmental classes will be taught in the first year alone to introduce students to green job opportunities.Read More

Blue Island Community to Plant Dozens of Trees in April, Earth Month

This April, the Blue Island community is kicking off the restoration of Chicago’s urban forests by planting along the soon-to-be Cal-Sag Trail System and the downtown commercial district. Thanks to an urban tree canopy analysis, plantings will be targeted to optimize species diversity, canopy cover and overall benefits to the community. Read More

Eddie Bauer and Philanthropic Ambassador Ryan Reynolds Launch The One Tree Initiative

During Earth Month, Eddie Bauer is matching donations to plant a tree for every dollar given. Being a part of The One Tree Initiative to help restore wildlands across the U.S. and Canada is as simple as adding a dollar to your purchase, sending a text or donating through the American Forests website. Read More

Partners Transform Austin Park into a Food Forest

In one of the first plantings of a food forest on public park land, 100 fruit and nut trees were planted in Austin as a way to increase community access to healthy foods and green space. Corporate partners and 100 volunteers came to plant the forest as a citywide effort to address sustainability and hunger. Read More
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