Photo by 2017 Grand Prize Winner, Joaquin Baldwin

FORESTS: They’re not only the source of life for millions of species — including us! — but have also been an inspiration to artists throughout human history. It’s impossible to deny the awe-inspiring majesty of a forest when you find yourself immersed in one, but capturing that beauty isn’t always easy. Our annual Forests in Focus photo contest gives contestants the chance to step up to the challenge of uniquely highlighting the magnificence of these wooded wonders and the wildlife and people that inhabit them.

Think you have what it takes to be the next Forests in Focus Grand Prize Winner? Find some inspiration from our top 2017 entries, browse the full list of winners on our blog, and get ready for the 2018 contest to begin!

Grand Prize

“Sprout of Life” by Joaquin Baldwin

Category Winner:
Forest Landscapes

“After the Fire” by Paul Glasser

Category Winner:
Big, Beautiful Trees

“Shades of Winter” by Anita Storino

Category Winner:
Forest Wildlife

“Thanks Mom” by Gary Wittstock

Category Winner:
Forest Close-Ups

“Sunshine Makes My Soul Shine” by Naomi Fortino

Category Winner:
Forest Recreation

“Youth and Nature” by Richie Glidden

Category Winner:
Aspiring Photographers

“The Phantom Ship” by Adam Chen