The 2016 American Forests Champion Trees national register has 781 national champions, including 37 newly crowned champions and co-champions. The national database has basic and advanced search features that allow users to search by species, measurements, location and point total.

There are more than 200 species without a champion. Become a big-tree hunter with an instant champion to your credit by finding one of these trees. You just need a measuring tape and a ruler to get started. Click here to see how.

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Acacia Koa Acacia koa HIHawaii 481
Alder Hazel Alnus serrulata VANorthampton 85
Alder Red Alnus rubra ORBenton County 280
Alder Speckled Alnus incana ssp. rugosa NYLivingston County 100
Allthorn Koeberlinia spinosa AZBoyce Thompson Arboretum 55
Anacua Ehretia anacua TXMission 207
Anacua Ehretia anacua TXDeWitt County 204
Anacua Ehretia anacua TXKenedy 207
Apple Common Malus sylvestris MEWest Falmouth 231
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