American Forests directs a range of conservation programs that include restoration tree planting, conservation initiatives such as forest ecosystem restoration, and conservation policy advocacy.

Our programs

Conservation Initiatives

Seriously threatened forest ecosystems are given the attention and necessary resources to achieve dramatically improved results.

High-Alpine Ecosystem and the Whitebark Pine


  • Forests and Climate Change: Managing forests to increase carbon storage potential will help stabilize the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and with it, global warming.
  • Forests and Fires: Decades of fire exclusion have resulted in unusually dense forests in many areas, increasing the risk of intense wildfires.
  • Other Threats to Forests: Simultaneous threats can compound exponentially, creating phenomena that have caused deforestation to spiral out of control.
  • Forests and Water: Forests filter rain and cleanse it before it reaches the underground aquifers that supply our wells and city water systems.
  • Forests and Wildlife Habitat: Wildlife habitats worldwide are being destroyed, degraded, or fragmented, all of which often lead to species becoming threatened or endangered.