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The American Jobs Act – Rebuilding Confidence in America’s Heartland

In September, President Obama released the American Jobs Act. The measure is the latest piece in a string of efforts to put people back into the workforce and money back into the economy. More jobs sounds like a good plan, but as we’ve learned over the past few years, economic recovery isn’t a quick fix. […]

The Eco-Friendly Industry

Last week, Newsweek released its green rankings for 2011, identifying the world’s top 500 eco-friendly companies. Such a massive undertaking requires a bit of help, so the rankings are created in cooperation with two major environmental research organizations. As someone who tries to be environmentally conscious when shopping, I wanted to learn more. Each company […]

Saving Energy

Oh the irony of writing a blog post about energy conservation in buildings while sweltering in my office on a 60-degree day while wearing short sleeves — a month ago I was shivering on an 80-degree day while wearing a long-sleeve cardigan (you cannot imagine the pains we’ve gone to trying to stop this awful […]

Boxed In

I’m often surprised and amused by what does and doesn’t get attention in today’s media. Some stories are latched onto and hyped up; others are almost entirely ignored. Sometimes it seems like the only way to bring the proper attention to an issue is to pull some kind of crazy stunt that will bring the […]

An Apple a Day

One of my all-time favorite fall activities is apple picking. I just love going out to the orchards, filling up my basket, drinking hot cider and then using the freshly picked apples to make lots of sinful desserts — my waistline is not as big of a fan. This year’s extravaganza was extra special because […]

What is Forest Policy?

Good question, but allow me to first introduce myself. I’m Amanda, and I’ve been a member of the American Forests team for two years. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, working in environmental policy has built my appreciation for the hard work that goes into restoring and protecting the land we enjoy. I’ll be providing policy […]

Green Halloween

I confess: I love Halloween. Who doesn’t enjoy a good excuse to eat junk food, dress up as something ridiculous and have a great time with friends? Of course, it isn’t always an easy holiday to keep very eco-friendly. In fact, with all the crepe-paper decorations and individually wrapped candies, Halloween has the potential to […]

Is That Wood Legal?

It might not be if it comes from Indonesia, which has one of the rapidest deforestation rates in the world. So I learned earlier this month thanks to Greenpeace and Mattel. Mattel, under pressure from Greenpeace, recently announced that they would be following a new set of sustainable sourcing principles while packaging their products, specifically […]

Running on the Sun

A remarkable event took place in Washington, D.C. earlier this month. Teams came from around the world to compete for the glory and prestige that come with victory. No, we’re not talking about the Olympics. It’s the Solar Decathlon. Every other year, the U.S. Department of Energy challenges teams from U.S. and international colleges and […]

Welcome to Loose Leaf!

Welcome to Loose Leaf! We’re glad you’re here, although you might be wondering exactly what you’ve stumbled upon. Here, we plan to share unique perspectives on environmental news, issues and lifestyles. Make connections between forest news and your life. Discuss, defend and promote happenings in the green world. Last, but definitely not least, talk directly […]