Tips to Establishing a Forest-Friendly Garden

by American Forests
backyard garden

By Lindsay Seventko, Communications Intern

Many forest lovers also enjoy nurturing a summer garden, but the two interests often remain distinctly separate. Establishing a sizeable garden typically requires large open areas, which sometimes means clearing the backyard trees to make room. If you’ve been wanting to start or expand your garden without cutting down any trees, use these tips to begin growing luscious ferns, colorful perennials and delicious fresh veggies and herbs, all under the shade of your forested backyard.

Getting Started

Growing close to or under a large, established... (Read More)

Forest Digest – Week of June 13, 2016

by American Forests
City trees

Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest!

Even Indoor Kids Should Worry About California’s 30 Million Dead Trees —
Last year, the state of California lost nearly 30 million trees, and this changing landscape will impact residents in a variety of ways, including increased wildfires, potential mudslides, poor water quality and more. U.S., Norway say forests vital to global climate goals — Reuters
In a joint statement made on Wednesday by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the Norwegian government, both countries have signed a deal focusing on ... (Read More)

Why I’m here: My Ongoing Green Journey

by American Forests

By Salsabil Chebli, Policy Intern

The day that had been anticipated for an entire year — May 31, 2016 — I finally began my long overdue internship at American Forests. American Forests was brought to my attention by a dear friend, Sofia Maia Goldstein, who interned here and had the most admirable experience. She told me almost every day how delightful the internship is, how amazing Rebecca Turner is and I knew I had to gain the experience myself (both of us environmental policy majors).

On my first day, I can already relate and apply so many policies and terms I learned in my classes to what I am invo... (Read More)

Forest Digest – Week of March 28, 2016

by American Forests
Elements of Forests

Find out the latest in forestry news in this week’s Forest Digest! Each article corresponds to one of the elements —Earth, air, fire and water — in our “Elements of Forests” Earth Month campaign and why #WeNeedForests.

Fire: Record Wildfire Comes to Kansas, as Do Lifesaving Neighbors — New York Times
The largest wildfire recorded in Kansas history has swept across the state, and neighbors are stepping in to help each other. Earth: NASA satellite images uncover underground forest fungi —
In attempts to better understand how forests adapt to climate change, a team of s... (Read More)

Bees and Cherry Blossoms in D.C.: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

by American Forests
Tidal Basin

By Shandra Furtado, Communications Intern

The annual cherry blossoms attract a very important group of visitors to the D.C. area each spring. No, these guests are not foreign diplomats or government officials, but instead a group that has more control of global food production than most: the local honeybee.

These little guys have no remorse when it comes to invading personal space, stealing stealthy sips of smoothies and scaring children. Although many see them as a nuisance, they are far from that. Bees play an integral role in the bloom of our beloved cherry blossoms and are vital for urban ecosystems ... (Read More)