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By Michelle Werts

1,888,012 trees
5,038 acres (or 5,038 football fields if that helps you picture the size)
25 forests
14 states
5 countries
1 healthier planet

Sumatran orangutan

The endangered Sumatran orangutan, a species whose habitat is being restored through a 2013 Global ReLeaf project. Credit: TomD./Flickr

This afternoon, American Forests announced our 2013 Global ReLeaf restoration projects. As you can glean from above, these 25 projects are planting 1.8 million trees to restore forest ecosystems across the U.S. and around the world.

From Montana’s mountains to Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley, from Vermont’s White River to California’s North Yuba River and from India to Mexico, Global ReLeaf in 2013 is helping forests overcome damage from intense wildfires, disease, insects, clearing for agriculture and more.

We’re restoring habitat for the endangered Sumatran orangutan in Indonesia. We’re planting whitebark pine in the Greater Yellowstone Area. We’re using trees to stabilize a river in North Carolina to improve habitat for trout and other fish. We’re planting jack pine in Michigan for the endangered Kirtland’s warbler. And so much more.

Check out our complete list of 2013 projects in our Global ReLeaf section, and remember that we can’t do this alone. Our cherished members, donors and friends help make our work possible. The Earth’s forests thank you.