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DIY Energy Saving Ideas

August 30th, 2016|0 Comments

Do you love watching home improvement shows on TV? Do you find yourself tackling projects on your own every weekend? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then you will love these DIY, home improvement ideas that will help you lower your utility bills and conserve energy!Read More

Forest Digest — Week of August 22, 2016

August 26th, 2016|Tags: |0 Comments

In this week’s forest-related headlines, find out how Europe’s demand for biomass is threatening the United States’ most diverse forests, listen to an interview with a biologist studying the health of California’s forests and read how Asia-Pacific countries have pledged to restore millions of acres of rainforest.Read More

Why I’m Here: The Story of The Senator

August 25th, 2016|Tags: , |0 Comments

An old, massive tree stands tall and proud, inspiring others by its majesty. Until one day, it is careless burnt down. Read the heart-wrenching tale of one bald cypress that led our newest policy intern, Jessie, to devote her career to forest policy.Read More

Tree-SMART Trade: Combatting Invasive Species

  • pine rust blister damage

August 23rd, 2016|Tags: , |0 Comments

As trade continues to increase in a globalized context, invasive species are now more of a threat than ever before. Find out how new policies are seeking to combat infestation by invasive species through both preventative and responsive measures.
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Forest Digest — Week of August 15, 2016

August 19th, 2016|Tags: |0 Comments

This week, find out how much more homeowners are willing to pay each month in property taxes in order to support public tree plantings. In other headlines, a new study reveals that logging is harming spotted owl populations more than wildfires and researchers discover the threshold of stress that city trees can withstand.
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