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Discover 5 of America’s Old-Growth Forests

  • Jedediah Redwoods State Park
Ancient forests are an impressive symbol of the strength and resiliency of our forests. From across the country, these majestic old-growth forests have seen centuries of history pass by as they safely avoided being felled by extreme weather, pests, disease or the timber industry.
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Why I’m Here: Combining Passions for Forests and Communications

June 14th, 2016|Tags: |0 Comments

Meet Lindsay, whose love for forests and outdoor recreation combined with an interest in Communications, inspired her to pursue an internship with the American Forests Communications department.
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Forest Digest – Week of June 6, 2016

  • Foggy forest

June 10th, 2016|Tags: |0 Comments

Landscape artwork that’s alive? Check out this week’s Forest Digest to discover the creative way this British artist is shaping forests into art. This week’s headlines also include a new map application that could save forests from being burned, and a fascinating interview about the private sector’s role in addressing climate change.
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Capturing the Beauty of Trees in Our Cities

  • Chicago

June 9th, 2016|Tags: , |0 Comments

Urban forests provide beautiful backdrops to the bustle of city living. Take in the beauty of tree-lined streets and canopied parks by viewing this collection of photographs by our Artist-in-Residence, Chuck Fazio, and appreciate the life and loveliness that urban forests bring to our cities.
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A Long-Term Investment: Restoring the Longleaf Pine Forests of the Southeastern U.S.

  • longleaf pine
With an astonishing 97 percent loss of longleaf pines across the southeastern United States, American Forests has planted more than 7.4 million longleaf pines to restore this important ecosystem and the rare habitat of the Bachman’s sparrow, black fox squirrel and gopher tortoise.
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