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2011 American Forests and Scotties tree planting event

A 2011 American Forests and Scotties tree planting event in Miami. Credit: American Forests

We’ve reached the homestretch of the Scotties TREES ROCK! Video Contest. That means you only have one week left to vote for your favorite contestant!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard from our finalists about why trees are so important to their communities and schools. These kids have creatively expressed their love of nature and have big ideas for how they would use $10,000 to improve their schools’ outdoor environment.

Should Sarah, Sean or Vince win the prize money? You decide! Meet these last three finalists below, watch the other videos and cast your vote!

Sarah S. from Lone Oak, Texas, would like her school to plant more trees that will provide shade for her and her fellow classmates. Sarah explains how trees provide us with oxygen while ridding the atmosphere of harmful pollutants.

Sean S. from Cary, N.C., reports from the Trees Rock News Network about how trees provide suitable habitats for many animals. Sean hopes to plant at least 30 trees at his school to provide shade for a play area.

Vince G. from Santa Cruz, Calif., talks about how mighty redwood trees positively affect his community. He explains how trees prevent erosion and provide goods like paper and food. Vince would like his school to have more trees that will provide shade for concrete sidewalks and play areas.

If you enjoyed these videos, remember to vote for your favorite every day until February 15th at www.scottiestreesrock.com!

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