Credit: Courtesy of Bill Guion

The Seven Sisters Oak is the largest Southern live oak in the country. Located in Mandeville, Louisiana, the national champion live oak tree is estimated to be 1,500 years old. The Seven Sisters Oak has a circumference of 467 inches, a height of 68 feet, and an impressive crown spread of 139 feet, making this the only national champion with a crown spread twice as wide as the height of the tree.

Contrary to many beliefs, the tree was not named after the seven main trunks that make up the tree. The live oak was originally named the Doby’s Seven Sisters Oak tree by one of its former owners, Carole Hendry Doby, who is one of seven sisters. The name changed to Seven Sisters Live Oak when the tree was registered with the Live Oak Society, a unique organization whose members are all live oak trees. Since 1968, the historic Seven Sisters Oak has served as the president of this society of trees, and has been the national champion for almost 30 years.