Champion trees on public land where geocaching is permitted can make great EarthCaches — caches in which a natural feature of the land is the sought-after cache. Here are the coordinates of just a few of the majestic state and national champion trees out there on public land. Get your feet wet by searching for the Darlington oak at the Maymount Estate in Virginia, or go for a
challenge and search for a champion white fir, located somewhere within the 2,000-plus square-mile Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest or the limber pine, perched at 9,660 feet above sea level.

Location Coordinates
Gumbo-limbo | Manatee, FL N 27.52381, W 82.64314
Loblolly-bay | Etoniah Creek State Forest N 29.76666, W 81.83608
Yellow-poplar | Chattahoochee National Forest N 34.762850, W 83.947433
Pignut hickory | Flint River Wildlife Management Area N 26.00555, W 81.41221
Common baldcypress | Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge N 30.764467, W 91.476333
Balsam poplar | Carmelee Wildlife Area/Beltrami Island State Forest N 48.223667, W 95.535000
American basswood | Oronoco Park N 44.167985, W 92.540386
Red buckeye | St. Louis N 38.639291, W 90.277672
Rocky Mountain white fir | Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest N 39.979661, W 111.667886
Limber Pine | Pittsburg Lake, Uinta National Forest N 40.557000, W 111.619650
Osage-orange | Red Hill Patrick Henry National Memorial N 37.03243 W 78.89777
Darlington oak | Maymont Estate N 37.53609 W 77.47650
West Virginia
Trembling aspen |Canaan Valley State Park N 39.026079, W 79.460331
Mountain maple | Monongahela National Forest N 38 37.725, W 79 50.579