American Forests is proud to announce a series of three tree measuring webinars and a grant program in partnership with Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), world leader in manufacturing the most popular line of handheld professional measurement and mapping lasers. For the grant program, American Forests and LTI have teamed up to create a unique opportunity for state coordinators and certifiers to upgrade their equipment to more accurately measure current and potential champion trees.  The grant program will distribute up to 10 refurbished TruPulse 360 compass laser rangefinders valued at $1,000 each.

Grants will be issued to state big tree programs which submit the best grant applications, based on need and merit. The grant submission form includes an essay describing how they would utilize LTI’s measurement technology, including what tools or methods are being used now when making field measurements, how it will improve the program to use LTI’s measurement technology and how results will be tracked or reported. American Forests and LTI will also co-host a three-part webinar series that will educate veteran and aspiring big tree hunters and tree-tech enthusiasts on the latest measuring guidelines from the National Big Tree Program:

The National Register of Big Trees is a competition based on size, so it’s critical that a champion tree is the true champion. American Forests recently formed a Measuring Guidelines Working Group to update the current measuring guidelines and establish techniques everyone can use to minimize errors when nominating national contenders. Part of the ongoing effort to elevate the scientific foundation of the program is to equip state programs with the tools necessary to measure trees accurately and consistently.

“American Forests and Laser Technology, Inc., share an interest in advancing appreciation for, and the science of, big trees,” said Scott Steen, President and CEO of American Forests. “We are delighted to be working together to offer this webinar series and, thanks to the generosity of LTI, a terrific grant program.”

Tens of thousands of professionals, from foresters to electric utilities, use LTI lasers every day to measure heights, clearances, slopes, azimuths, spans between two tree features and much more.  All raw measurements and calculated solutions from the laser can import into most GPS and GIS handheld data collectors for remote positioning and mapping purposes.  American Forests is very enthusiastic about supporting the efforts of state coordinators by getting LTI’s measurement technology in their hands.

“Our professional measurement division got started with a laser we designed for the US Forest Service in the early nineties,” explains David Williams, CEO of Laser Technology, Inc.  “When I learned about this opportunity to work with American Forests and help get our technology out to professionals who need it, we were excited to jump on board.”

The LTI-sponsored three-part webinar series will also provide an opportunity for individuals to win a TruPulse 360 laser.  Candidates will be eligible to win by attending all three webcasts. Their names will automatically be entered three times into a drawing to win one of the two TruPulse 360 lasers to be offered.  This contest is above and beyond the ten lasers for the grant program.

Each webinar will focus on one component of the equation used to crown a national champion tree: circumference, height and crown spread. The webinars will feature expert guest speakers affiliated with the National Big Tree program. Because LTI tools are used by world-class big tree hunters, scientists, forest ecologists, and timber cruisers all over the world, American Forests is proud to work with LTI and bring their world-class equipment to the hands of more forestry professionals.

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Laser Technology, Inc. is celebrating their 28th year of business and has been awarded 63 laser and compass-based patents worldwide with current ones pending.  Laser Technology, Inc. is responsible for developing the first recreational rangefinder and the first reflectorless handheld total station.  LTI engineers are the only ones who successfully created a handheld compass laser that produces 1 degree azimuth accuracy without any pitch and roll limitations.  It’s called TruVector Compass Technology™ and nothing on the market has yet to match its reliability, repeatability and overall performance.