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9 Animals That Use Forests as Camouflage

By Shandra Furtado, Communications Intern Forests provide habitats for 80 percent of land-dwelling animals! But, for some species, they provide more than just a home — they provide a means of camouflage, which is useful for all kinds of daily needs. Here are nine different species that are particularly cunning in the forest camo: 1. Uroplatus […]

Forest Digest – Week of February 29, 2016

Find out the latest in forestry news in this week’s Forest Digest! How Nature Can Make You Kinder, Happier, and More Creative — Huffington Post This recent blog explains five different ways in which interacting with nature can help improve a person’s body, mind and spirit. Digital forest simulator predicts effects of climate on real […]

Escape to Alaska: A Glass Train Ride through the Alaskan Wilderness

By Shandra Furtado, Communications Intern This summer American Forests and its partners will be hosting a six-day Alaskan excursion in Denali National Park. The trip offers a great juxtaposition of adventurous and relaxing activities, from backcountry hikes to lounging in the lodge’s exclusive spa. Even the last day of the trip doesn’t denote the end […]

7 Everyday Items Made from Trees

By Austa Somvichian-Clausen, Communications Intern We all know that trees supply us with some amazing resources, from the material resources — like wood which we use to create anything from furniture and wooden cabins, to printer paper and coffee cup sleeves — to the health, both mental and physical, and environmental resources and benefits provided […]

Forest Digest – Week of February 22, 2016

Find out the latest in forestry news in this week’s Forest Digest! 3D ‘cyberforests’ created to predict effects of climate change — Economic Times A new study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science reveals a 3D-model computer simulation of forests that will help scientists predict the effects of climate change and other related […]

Escape to Alaska: Sprucing Things Up in the Backcountry

By Austa Somvichian-Clausen, Communications Intern This July, American Forests is gearing up for an adventurous trip into the heart of Denali National Park in Alaska. Before we embark on our journey, let’s take some time to get to know some of the native vegetation that those traveling with us will get the chance to see, […]

Meet Our New Manager of Urban Forest Programs

Joe Duckworth recently came to American Forests as our new manager of urban forest programs. We’re excited for the experience, perspective and enthusiasm he’s bringing to the position and the organization — and we think you should be excited, too! From his favorite stories in the field to why he chose to work in conservation, read more […]

Forest Digest – Week of February 15, 2016

Find out the latest in forestry news in this week’s Forest Digest! Saving America’s forests one wooden high-rise at a time — E&E Publishing, LLC An upcoming project, in which a 12-story high rise in Portland, Ore. will be made primarily of wood, could have an impact on the future of the construction industry in the […]

Escape to Alaska: Up Close & Personal with the Dall Sheep

By Shandra Furtado, Communications Intern Experiencing the vast grandeur of the Alaskan terrain and wildlife is a rejuvenating occasion, one which American Forests is giving individuals the opportunity to explore this July through our Escape to Alaska expedition in Denali National Park. Across the slopes and ridges of Denali, it’s not uncommon to encounter a […]

American Forests, Eddie Bauer Launch The One Tree Initiative with Philanthropic Ambassador, Ryan Reynolds

Today, we launched The One Tree Initiative with longtime partner Eddie Bauer and their philanthropic ambassador, Ryan Reynolds. The One Tree Initiative focuses on Eddie Bauer’s continued support of our mission to protect and restore forests all over the world, one tree at a time. One person, one dollar and one tree can have an impact […]