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Bees and Cherry Blossoms in D.C.: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

By Shandra Furtado, Communications Intern The annual cherry blossoms attract a very important group of visitors to the D.C. area each spring. No, these guests are not foreign diplomats or government officials, but instead a group that has more control of global food production than most: the local honeybee. These little guys have no remorse when […]

Forest Digest – Week of March 21, 2016

Find out the latest in forestry news in this week’s Forest Digest! Esri and USDA Forest Service Introduce Interactive Trove of Maps — In a display of successful private-public partnership, Esri and the USDA Forest Service have made available the Engagement Portfolio, which allows a broad spectrum of people to access a gallery of […]

Forest-Friendly NCAA Mascots

By Austa Somvichian-Clausen, Communications Intern In honor of March Madness consuming the minds and time of sports fans across the country, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite NCAA mascots that have a flair for forests! The Stanford Cardinal A deceiving name, Stanford University’s mascot isn’t actually a cardinal — it’s a tree! Well, […]

“May the Forest Be with You” (And Why It Matters)

By Julie Yamamoto, Content Marketing Lead, PMP Communications, IBM Center for Applied Insights My husband recently gave me a t-shirt that says “May the forest be with you!” For any “Star Wars” fans out there, you probably know this is a spinoff of the famous greeting “may the force be with you” that Jedi knights […]

International Day of Forests 2016: The Importance of Forests and Water

By Austa Somvichian-Clausen, Communications Intern A holiday is a day of recognition, reverence and, of course, celebration. March 21 is the day for recognizing the importance of forests and all that they provide us with, from the clean air we breathe to the perspective we gain when standing next to a towering, ancient tree. The […]

Forest Digest – Week of March 14, 2016

Find out the latest in forestry news in this week’s Forest Digest! Trees Deal With Climate Change Better Than Expected — New York Times A new study reveals a more hopeful perspective on how forests may be able to withstand rising temperatures more adeptly than previously thought, releasing only 5 percent more carbon dioxide than […]

The History behind D.C.’s Cherry Blossoms

By Austa Somvichian-Clausen, Communications Intern In anticipation of this year’s quickly approaching cherry blossom festival in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., let’s take a look at a brief history of how these iconic trees made it here to the States and what we can expect from this year’s festival. Looking back in time at the […]

Impressive Green Roofs around the World

By Austa Somvichian-Clausen, Communications Intern A green roof — or living roof — can be defined as the roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. Green roofs have a number of benefits such as providing habitat for birds, absorbing airborne pollutants, […]

Forest Digest – Week of March 7, 2016

Find out the latest in forestry news in this week’s Forest Digest! Fossil of oldest pine tree discovered — BBC Scientists believe they have discovered the fossil of a 140-million-year-old pine tree, the oldest currently known, in Nova Scotia, Canada. NASA to 3D map the world’s forests using space lasers — Grist Using satellites and […]

9 Animals That Use Forests as Camouflage

By Shandra Furtado, Communications Intern Forests provide habitats for 80 percent of land-dwelling animals! But, for some species, they provide more than just a home — they provide a means of camouflage, which is useful for all kinds of daily needs. Here are nine different species that are particularly cunning in the forest camo: 1. Uroplatus […]