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Forest Digest — Week of September 22

If you didn’t catch it, an op-ed in The New York Times questioned the role of forests in our climate change solution. See what we said in response. Meanwhile, world leaders, global companies and concerned citizens gathered this week in New York at the U.N.’s Climate Summer. Read about what transpired and other forest stories […]

Forest Digest — Week of September 15

The impacts of climate change are being felt in forests across the world. Read about new climate-change-related studies and other forestry news in this week’s Forest Digest: “Climate Change Is Making Trees Grow Rapidly” — Discovery News Scientists from Germany’s Technische Universität München have found that the two dominant European tree species — European beech […]

Forest Digest — Week of September 8

Another week and another Forest Digest. See what’s happening in the world of trees: “Climate change accelerating death of Western forests” — USA Today A study by the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization shows that drought, insect pests and wildfire — forest threats exacerbated by climate change — are killing […]

Forest Digest — Week of September 1

Another week and another Forest Digest. See what’s happening in the world of trees: “New Analysis Finds Over 100 Million Hectares of Intact Forest Area Degraded Since 2000” — World Resources Institute More than 104 million hectares — an area three times the size of Germany — of the world’s largest remaining forests experienced rapid […]

Forest Digest — Week of August 25

Summer is winding down, but our Forest Digest is still going strong. Check out this week’s news in trees: “Brazil Could Save Its Atlantic Forests for Just $200 Million a Year” — Newsweek Less than 15 percent of the original Atlantic Forest, which surrounds some of Brazil’s largest cities, remains. But scientists have calculated that […]

Forest Digest — Week of August 18

It’s Friday and Forest Digest is back! Check out this week’s news in trees: “New analysis links tree height to climate” — University of Wisconsin-Madison A botany professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studied how tree height, resource allocation and physiology vary with climate in Australia’s Victoria state. “Some trees face ‘extinction’ threat” — CBS […]

Forest Digest — Week of August 4

The first Forest Digest of August features some major wildfire stories. Check out this week’s news in trees: “Money allocated for fighting fires to run out” — Associated Press In order to pay for fighting this summer’s fires across the country, the U.S. Forest Service will soon have to scale back initiatives designed to help […]

Smokey at 70

By Carrie Brooks, Communications Intern This Saturday, Smokey Bear will take a short break from helping prevent forest fires and turn his attention to the flames atop 70 candles. Fortunately, there is no disaster here: these lit candles will adorn the American icon’s birthday cake! Smokey was brought into being by the U.S. Forest Service […]

Forest Digest — Week of July 28

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week: Friday! We love this day because it means that we get to share another edition of our Forest Digest with you! Check out this week’s news in trees: “Cost Of Wildfires Burns Through Budgets, Pushing Feds To Find Other Funds” — HuffPost Green Wildfires are burning through federal […]

An update on the longleaf

By Sofia Maia-Goldstein, Policy Intern America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative (ALRI), a group of private and public partners that seeks to restore and conserve longleaf pine ecosystems in the southeast U.S., made strides in the political world last week. Addressing the loss of 90 million acres of longleaf forests from its original range, American Forests and […]