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Expect Big (Tree) things from LTI grant recipients

By Caroline Brooks, Communications Intern This year, American Forests partnered with Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) for the first time to issue 10 refurbished TruPulse 360 compass laser rangefinders to a group of state big tree programs from across the country. Lasers are used to accurately and consistently measure trees, an essential process when state programs […]

Forest Digest — Week of July 7

TGIFF — Thank God It’s Forest Friday! Start your weekend off with our Forest Digest. Here is this week’s news in trees: “Amazon rainforest once looked more like savannas of Africa than a jungle” — Mother Nature Network Once upon a time, man-made trenches spread across Bolivia and Brazil. From these ditches grew the Amazon […]

King koa

By Caroline Brooks, Communications Intern American Forests’ Hawaiʻi Wild Forestscape adventure in October will take our group to the Kona district, where we will enjoy the beaches and coffee plantations that characterize the area. In addition, our quest to understand the island’s endangered flora and fauna will continue as we discover the history and conservation […]

Forest Digest — Week of June 30

Loose Leaf wishes all of our readers a very happy Fourth of July! No matter how you commemorate the day, we would like to share another edition of Forest Digest to celebrate the trees that beautify our country, from sea to shining sea. Here’s this week’s news in trees: “Crews Making Progress against San Juan […]

Something to crow about in Hawaiʻi

By Caroline Brooks, Communications Intern In October, 26 individuals will get to experience the Big Island from a fresh perspective on American Forests’ Hawaiʻi Wild Forestscape. On this excursion, we will visit several natural Hawaiian wonders and meet with local officials who will explain the threats surrounding these plants and animals in addition to the […]

Anthropologie customers aflutter over forests

By Caroline Brooks, Communications Intern Last week, Anthropologie stores across the country held a Monarch Butterfly Auction, where customers purchased bids for the store’s cool, creative window displays. What is so special to American Forests about this event is that every dollar that the retail brand raised from this event will help us plant another […]

Forest Digest — Week of June 23

Another Friday means another edition of Forest Digest! Here is the week’s news in trees: “Iconic Minnesota conifers may give way to a more broad-leafed forest in the next century” — The U.S. Forests Service’s study of Minnesota forests presents a good-news-bad-news situation. The bad news: Climate changes over the next century could hurt […]

Global ReLeaf Goes Swimmingly in Vermont

By Caroline Brooks, Communications Intern Throughout National Rivers Month, we have taken a look at American Forests’ efforts to preserve rivers across the country. The Washington and New Mexico Global ReLeaf projects we discussed demonstrate the importance of trees to the rivers and, in turn, to the animals that rely on those rivers for survival. […]

A young state with an ancient history

By Caroline Brooks, Communications Intern American Forests invites you to bid “aloha” to the mainland and come along on our Hawaiʻi Wild Forestscape this fall. For one week this October, our group will explore some of the Island’s most captivating sights, from volcanoes and beaches to wildlife to forest habitat. While we appreciate these Hawaiian […]

Forest Digest — Week of June 16

Happy Friday! We are pleased to share another edition of Forest Digest with you to ring in the weekend. Here is this week’s news in trees: “2 Billion New Trees To Be Planted In India, Official Says” — HuffPost Green A plan that fights unemployment and protects forests? Snaps for India! Last week, the country’s […]