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Forest Digest — Week of August 1, 2016

Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest! Earlier snowmelt decreases streamflow, reduces forests’ ability to regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide — According to a recently published study, drought- and climate-variability-induced early snowmelt each spring could potentially result in a reduction of forest carbon by as much as 45 percent by […]

Playground Science: Getting Kids Excited about Science and Nature

By Lindsay Seventko, Communications Intern Parents and educators often struggle to get kids to engage in, let alone enjoy, school work. Concerns are often raised that today’s youngest generation will be more out of touch with the natural world than any generation before them, with an unprecedented amount of time being spent indoors and staring […]

Habitat for Horses

By Lindsay Seventko, Communications Intern Last week, the 91st annual Chincoteague Pony Swim continued its tradition of rounding up the wild Assateague Island horses and corralling them across the southern channel to Chincoteague. Tens of thousands of people gathered to watch the eighth of a mile swim led by the “Saltwater Cowboy” volunteers who push […]

Forest Digest — Week of July 25, 2016

Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest! Why Healthy Forests Mean Better Water Supply — News Deeply As tree mortality rates in the Sierra Nevadas increases, the vital watersheds supplying water to California will be drastically affected, impacting the water supply to those in the state of California. Restoring the […]

An Adventurer’s Connection to Nature: Q&A with Eddie Bauer Athlete Chris Korbulic

We all have a different connection to nature. For those who have a love of outdoor adventure and spend much of their time in nature, that connection is imperative to who they are. This is the case for Chris Korbulic. Korbulic is an expedition white-water kayaker and professional photographer. He’s kayaked in some of the […]

Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint from Electricity and Gas Consumption

The following guest blog post was written and provided by our partners SFE Energy. Do you know you can offset your carbon footprint from your daily electricity and gas consumption? We often talk about our carbon footprints, and their collective impact on the environment, but we typically don’t have the means to reduce our personal […]

Forest Digest — Week of July 18, 2016

Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest! Can we feed the world without cutting forests? It can be done, says U.N. — Several countries have increased food security and forest cover simultaneously, discrediting claims that deforestation is essential to feeding the world’s growing population. Why the U.S. and others […]

How Much are Forests Worth?

By Lindsay Seventko, Communications Intern As forest lovers, we know that forests are worth more than the sum of their timber price or the income that the recreation industry receives. But, how do you convey the importance of protecting and restoring our forests to the millions of Americans who have no interest in walking among […]

Top 5 Summer Swimming Holes in National Forests

By Lindsay Seventko, Communications Intern This summer, forget the pool membership and take a dip in nature’s swimming holes preserved within our National Forests. These locations are shaded by massive trees, fed by mountain springs and cut out of the hillside by rushing waterfalls. Pack your swim suit and get ready for a day of […]

Forest Digest — Week of July 11, 2016

Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest! After 300 Years of Collecting, Nearly 12,000 Amazon Tree Species Are Found — New York Times A new study reports that scientists have discovered 11,676 different tree species in the Amazon during research that has lasted more than 300 years, the first species […]