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European Ash to Ashes?

October 8th, 2013|Tags: , |4 Comments

By Marcelene Sutter Eurpoean ash, which faces serious threats from fungal infections and emerald ash borers. Credit: Alois

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The Rise and Fall of Champions

October 7th, 2013|Tags: |1 Comment

Relative to humans, most tree species live a long time. Many of the trees we have personal connections

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It’s World Animal Day

October 4th, 2013|Tags: , |0 Comments

By Lizzie Wasilewska On October 4, 1931, a group of Italian ecologists founded World Animal Day with the

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The Serious Business of Leaf Peeping

October 3rd, 2013|Tags: , , |4 Comments

By Marcelene Sutter Fall foliage in different stages of the color change cycle in Wilmington, Vermont. Credit:

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Divided and Disappearing

October 2nd, 2013|Tags: , , |0 Comments

It’s well known that when habitat becomes fragmented, wildlife suffers. But now, a study more than two decades

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