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Hummingbirds’ Early Arrival

February 21st, 2013|Tags: , |0 Comments

By Tacy Lambiase Last month, we discussed the possibility that certain tree species may start budding earlier in

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Animals Gone Urban

February 20th, 2013|Tags: , |1 Comment

By Michelle Werts One of the many benefits that urban forests provide is habitat for wildlife. But in

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EAB Goes Global

February 19th, 2013|Tags: , |0 Comments

An adult emerald ash borer feeding on a leaf. Credit: David Cappaert. The beautiful, but deadly,

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Helping Our Backyard Birds

February 15th, 2013|Tags: , |3 Comments

By Tacy Lambiase While usually pretty common on checklists, fewer blue jays were recorded during last year’s

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Roses: Sour Instead of Sweet?

February 14th, 2013|Tags: , |0 Comments

By Michelle Werts Roses. Credit: Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr For years, we’ve been told that nothing says “I

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