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ReLeaf Close to Home

December 14th, 2012|Tags: , |0 Comments

By working with partners far and wide, American Forests is able to fund restoration projects from Maine to

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A Win for Wetlands

December 13th, 2012|Tags: , , |0 Comments

By Michelle Werts Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that it’s helped

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Global Ambition

December 12th, 2012|Tags: , |0 Comments

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP18) wrapped up last week in Doha, Qatar. Here’s a recap of

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Stressing Out About Drought

December 11th, 2012|Tags: , |0 Comments

Forests are workaholics. They do a lot for us. They sequester carbon, mitigating climate change, buffer the flow

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A Petrified Site

December 10th, 2012|Tags: |0 Comments

By Michelle Werts Have you ever had a connection to an object that’s difficult to explain? Sitting on

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