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Trees of the Sea

June 8th, 2012|Tags: |2 Comments

By Michelle Werts When I hear the word ocean, I picture sparkling blue waters, colorful fish

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An Unfair Trade

June 7th, 2012|Tags: |1 Comment

By Katrina Marland As a culture, we’re used to getting our products from just about anywhere

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The Many Sides of Wildfire

June 6th, 2012|Tags: , |2 Comments

Wildfire has frequently been in the headlines this past week, as a megafire continues to blaze through the

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Celebrating World Environment Day

June 5th, 2012|Tags: , |0 Comments

By Michelle Werts Today marks the 40th World Environment Day. Started in 1972 by the United Nations, World

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More Trees, Please

June 4th, 2012|Tags: |2 Comments

By Katrina Marland Across this blog and throughout the American Forests website, you can find a wealth of

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